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TEXTILE PRINTING Color designs are developed on fabrics by printing with dyes and pigments in paste form with specially designed machines. Printing is used to apply coloring localized areas only. Printed fabrics usually have clear-cut edges in the printed portions on the face of the fabric. Printing allows for great […]

Textile and garment Printing

COLOR FASTNESS Property of a pigment or dye to retain its original hue, especially without fading, running, or changing when wetted, washed, cleaned; or stored under normal conditions when exposed to light, heat, or other influences. Factors Affecting Color Fastness Fiber Type Class of Dye Used Dyeing or Printing Process […]

Colour Fastness & Shade Matching

Trims are materials used to ornament or enhance garments. They are visible parts of garments that may be used to increase hanger appeal, provide product differentiation, relate to current fashion trends, and carry a theme through an entire collection. Trims include a broad range of materials and treatment that may […]

Trims specification series: Zippers

Given below are are different types of testing equipment used in apparel sector to maintain¬† the quality level of end product. The list is not exhaustive and will be updated. Pilling Tester Purpose: To test the pilling (hair ball) characteristic of fabric Process: A fabric specimen of 10cm X 12cm […]

Common testing equipments in Apparel sector

Jacket designed for cyclist
  Rahul Kumar -National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bengaluru INTRODUCTION Cyclist accounts for more than half of all the road fatalities in India. [A study by Michigan University and Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi]. A very huge section of population still consider bicycle whether as a means of transportation or […]

HIGH VISIBILITY CLOTHING : the future rolling ahead