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WHAT IS A GARMENT SPEC SHEET? A garment specification sheet or spec sheet is a technical document that contains the construction details of the product, a technical diagram/ sketch of the garment and the measurements of a product. Specification sheets are the blueprint of a product, sometimes referred to as […]

How to Make a Garment Specsheet

Sampling is a very important process for a garment manufacturing industry. For this reason garments industries have a garment sampling department. For the confirmation of an export order, sampling plays a very important role. According to the condition of the sample made, buyer decides whether to give the order or not. […]

Workflow of the Sampling Department

1) PACKAGING 1.1) INTRODUCTION Packaging means wrapping, compressing, filling or creating of goods for the purpose of protection of goods and their convenient handling. Packaging is an important part of the product, which has to receive a lot of attention to the people. It is concerned with designing & producing […]

Packaging & Folding of Garments