Workflow of the Sampling Department

Sampling is a very important process for a garment manufacturing industry. For this reason garments industries have a garment sampling department. For the confirmation of an export order, sampling plays a very important role. According to the condition of the sample made, buyer decides whether to give the order or not. Buyers require different samples at different stages of the process.


After the Sealer Sample is received from the buyer, the Production File is made containing the following:
• Tech Pack
• Approved Pattern
• PP Sample
• Measurement chart
• Fabric & trims required
This file is sent to the Sampling (R&D) Department of the production unit. The unit produces two samples in the base size using the actual fabric and trims. If the unit requires any adjustments in making the sample, it informs the Head Office and the adjustments are incorporated in the CAD patterns.



Types of Samples:

  1. Development/Proto Sample
    Proto Sample is the first interpretation of the tech pack. This sample can be made using substitute fabric, but having same content and gsm. This sample is made with the sole purpose of getting the style and look of the garment approved.
  2. Fit Sample
    The fit sample is made to check the shape and fit of the style. It is made using the exact fabric and trims.
    After the buyer has approved the fit sample, the final pattern, fit and costing of the style is confirmed, and no further changes are made.
  3. Internal Size Set Sample
    This sample is made to check the grading of the patterns as per the measurement chart given in the tech pack. This sample is not sent to the buyer.
  4. Pre-Production (PP) Sample
    This sample is made using the exact fabric and trims and is packed in the same manner the final garment will be sent to the buyer. Two PP samples are sent to the buyer, one is kept with the buyer while the other sample is sent back as the Sealer Sample
  5. Sealer Sample
    This sample is kept as a reference for production and hence, needs to be maintained until shipment.
  6. Size Set Sample
    This sample is made to check the grading of patterns. 2-3 sample of each size are made.
  7. Top of Production (TOP) Sample
    This sample is produced during bulk production after the line has been set. This sample is generally made after 40-50 pieces have been produced.
  8. Counter Sample
    The samples are made from the actual fabric and actual trims.


Note: All the samples require fabric, Trims, Patterns, Tech Pack and measurement chart to be produced. All fabric and trims used in the samples undergo the process of preshrinking before use.
Apart from Internal Size Set Sample, all samples are sent to the buyer for approval. If the buyer requires some changes in the sample at any stage before PP Sample, it sends the comments in the revised tech pack. After incorporating all the changes, the sample is sent to the buyer again.


Further processes: